Current project SPS is invovled with is the UNDP funded National Adaptation Program for Action –NAPA II in Bhutan. Working through the National Environmental Commission and contracted by the leading national NGO, Tarayana, this project involves working with farmers and local governments to assess the impact of climate change scenario impacting the water issues. The project is designing sustainable local solutions to enable the local farmers to work on changing the land/water use pattern, farming; new ways of water harvesting that can develop locally resilient systems able to adapt to the stresses induced by adverse climatic changes.


Khenkar meeting community, Bhutan 2015

Some of the cross cutting sectors involved in this work are:

  • Integrated community based water management
  • Local food sovereignty, Local enterprise development
  • Low tech farming and sustainable food production
  • Integrated heath and preventive measures using local food, plant medicines and nutrition
  • Gender inclusion and development at local levels.