Will Paris wake up to Common Sense – 2015

Nexus in Bhutan: Soil, Water, Land, Farming and Climate Resilient Local Ecosystems – 2015

Ecology of Wellbeing – Nirmala Nair – Mind-Shift – Autumn 2008.pdf

Rituals of Eating – Nirmala Nair – 2005.pdf

Agenda – Nirmala Nair – 2004.pdf

A Touch of Madness – Nirmala Nair – 2004.pdf

The Sacred Act of Living Sustainably – Nirmala Nair.pdf



Donella Meadows, Vermont, USA

Tarayana Foundation Bhutan

Samdhana Institute, Bogor, Indonesia


Garut, West Java, Indonesia 2012

Simple seed room in a local farmers makeshift seed drier – Garut, West Java, Indonesia 2012