SPS – Local

Local Organic Climate Action & Learning (LOCAL) is the name of School of Practical Sustainability’s approach and method of work with climate change action on the ground.


Makaibari biodynamic tea estate Darjeeling – Tarayana field officers, Bhutan 2015

Some of the lessons learnt from the Whole-systems approach (Donella Meadows); Five Kingdoms (Lynn Margulis), dealing with waste through redesign and closing-the-loop (ZERI and Gunter Pauli) and working-with nature as mentor and measure (Biomimicry and Janine Benyuis) has inspired and shaped School of Practical Sustainability to develop LOCAL as a unique approach taking these lessons to another level.

The latest work of the climate scientists like Dr. Elizabeth Sawin of Climate interactive and their FLOWER ( Frame-work for Long-term Whole-systems Equity-based Reflection) approach has been a key trigger for School of Practical Sustainability to fine-tune and frame the work as LOCAL (Local Organic Climate Action and Learning)

LOCAL is relevant for these times of renewal through unlocking the unique potentials of our differntiated reality, diversity, and inherent intelligence to co-evolve and adapt thus breaking out of the way of the” Homo-genised”, way of the “Anthropocene”.

Highlights of LOCAL

  • Communities are able to Explore, Engage, Empower and Enact breaking away from the dependency syndrome on the expensive climate-change institutions and experts.
  • LOCAL focuses on inclusivity, dispersed yet focused approach on creating a climate of integral overall “sustenance” for any given local scenarios.
  • LOCAL will be integral to a multitudes of small, diverse, unique, resilient communities across the planet, emerging as potential pollinators, seed carriers of local knowledge, tradition, healing wisdom of Life.