The School of Practical Sustainability works through community engagements designing practical solutions that can evolve and adapt organically to the changing local systems.

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The School of Practical Sustainability is about supporting, strengthening local community of practitioners to plug into the conscious- living-change-action. In an increasingly globalized homogenized world we have successfully reduced life into a modular, sale-able commodity. This has led to the demise of diverse and unique aspects local sustainability.

The haste to roll out homogenized sustainability has led to packaging of sustainable solutions that can be “en-masse” applied across the world, through ‘sustainability consultants” and related industries.

This “super-market- syndrome” has been very ruthless in hi-jacking local knowledge, wisdom and culture. This is then packaged, marketed and made unaffordable to the very local people whose life can no longer be sustained because of the new parasite of sustainability.

SPS is a culmination of many decades of work in the field of sustainability, in many parts of the world, and the realization that sustainability as witnessed today is just another commodification of the same capitalistic world.

Just as industrialization is not really going to disappear, sustainability is here to stay. So it has become imperative to work on the fringes, creating critical spaces not just to ALERT the local communities to the pitfalls of mainstream sustainability projects, but also to assist the willing “experts” to reflect and reassess the devastating ecological, spiritual, cultural impact of mainstream sustainability.

The school aims to provide a “space” for critical reflection and correction. The space will gear towards the ReOrientation, ReImagination and ReWorking of the mainstream practices that are not working.

True sustainability begins with humble hands-on practice of sustaining LIFE – pollinating life on the ground. The school designs retreats, ReTrainings, learning /healing/ journeys to ReImagine a world that can evolve and adapt while Reworking Development solutions that sustains life at the local level.



Foster Self Sustainability at all levels of sustaining life locally.

Foster mindful practitioners locally who are ingenious designers of adaptive solutions on the ground.

Foster a culture of hands-on-work, appreciation for simple aesthetics and creative designs.


Ringing cedars of Russia trip, Krasnador, Russia 2009

Foster the ability to fine-tune and diversify the health and well being factor of any local-ecosystem.

Foster critical thinking ability to breakaway from the globalized homogenized development agenda that perpetuates the best practice syndrome “one-size-fits-all” solution strategies