Services offered

Charles Eisentstein calls it – a sacred economy, let us face it, we are not really closer to a non monetized economy yet. Every little step takes us towards it. The number of times I harvest and share my vegetables, I am taking the load off the being on the road, using the plastic card, using the supermarket. So invited to do paid consultancies does help me sustain the bare necessities of surviving in a city. But there are other simple services I do offer as School of Practical Sustainability – on sustainable living, permaculture, climate change and cooking, Survival in time of chaos, Mindfulness, aging gracefully in times when we are not allowed to look old. I love engaging on these topics, challenging and provoking mainstream ideas.


Upcoming Workshops and Travels 2017

Babylonestoeren Paarl, Western Cape
Chef’s workshop – Cooking for climate change

Series workshops with local communities in Livingstone, Zambia on urban food forests, community gardens Working with Moringa Olifera tree and uses
Lectures and talks with Greenpop Zambia, Festival of Action on Sustainable Living and politics of food

Cape Town workshop
Trapped in food – politics of globalized, homogenized concept of well-being and wellness industries

Magic of fermentation

Magic of fermentation



Talks and trainings 2016-2017

Green is the color of Happiness
Talk at the Greenpop Platbos Tree festival

Lectures and talks on Sustainability and Environment
University of Cape Town, Western Cape

Series of talks on Bhutan, Mindfulness and Well- being
Labia Theatre, Cape Town
Erin Hall, Rondebosch Cape Town
Natural History Museum, Simons Town,
Vineyard Hotel, Claremont, Cape Town
Highlands House, Cape Town


Talks and trainings 2013-2015

Healing with Medicinal plants working with local eco-system, Low-tech, sustainable farming for climate resiliency Indonesia
Bandung, Bogor
Garut, West Java
Tabanan , Bali
Molo – Timor

Mindfulness through food – Mudge point, Kleinmond, Western Cape

Zero Plastic workshop, Makaibari Tea Estate, Darjeeling, India

I look forward to hearing from you – contact.